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Obey Raven the Nightshade by AlexRaccoonGlider


well im going to give you a serious critique ok? because i honestly see potential in your work.

there is a lot of detail and the first thing i see is the face when i look at it, its very nicely shaped and menecing, the wings are very nice and detailed too, though im not sure if you wanted them to be that small or just because of trhe size of the paper or your style of him, just anatomy wize it wouldnt lift him, usually i see griffons with like HUGE wings XD

i do really like how you made it dynamic and how his left arm is closer, the overall design of him i like, maybe soemthing you need to work on more is making it neat andproprotion it better, to make the nails look better make it look like its going inside the toes if you know what im saying, l;ike a indent,

aaand thats all i have to say bye!
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